Web Video Proposal

Big Idea: Online video is how tomorrow’s customers are consuming more and more of their web content today. In fact, more videos are watched in the US than searches are performed on Google. We propose to leverage and re-purpose your library of testimonial TV spots and in-the-can footage to blanket the web with relevant video content. By creating a critical mass of relevant web video content, you will generate more and better search volume and will gain almost complete control of search results tied to the your brand name. Further, web video can provide top placement by targeting broad keywords tied with your business. We can build and place web video to appear under hundreds of search terms that power your business.

Strategy: To engage potential clients with video content using newer interactive media in a measurable and scalable way.
Last Second Media proposes to start with rather simple steps that will rapidly (1) improve your search engine rankings, (2) generate additional web and phone leads for you, and (3) move controversial blog mentions farther down rankings for organic search results. We will boost your SEO rankings, generate leads and drown out negative complaints.

Building on initial success, the LSM strategy can then be rolled out using a comprehensive plan to sustain the improved the search engine rankings. With a social media participation and enbedding of video in your site, we can provide an edge over the current competiton and forestall any possible negative brand outcomes.
Tactics: Last Second Media proposes to start with the following:

Web Video Launch: LSM to perform a Web Video Launch of relevant TV commercial assetts to build search engine ranking with key terms. This cmapign is ongoing month-to-month. LSM will load video tied with key terms each month to 8+ major web video sites for each category in the launch. Once program is established and metrics are proven, LSM can interlink these web videos using 10 or more other tactics described on the following page.
Goals of Web Video Launch:

  • Build keyword search traffic using a unique, branded web video.
  • Unlink your brand name from search content that is not in its control.
  • Improve search dynamics to make relevant video content more accessible to search engines.
  • Create both a site index and video site index, so relevant video can be found easier.
  • Push growth curricula and content ahead of competition
  • Build a trackable, accountable web/phone response channel for Web Video traffic.
  • Price this channel on performance-basis at current cost levels for web & phone leads.
  • Build/Sustain Top-of-Mind Preference for your brand online.
  • Drive volume from paid to organic side of the search results page.
  • Lower paid search cost and its share of volume on Google
  • Increase conversion rate of Google CPC.
  • Create a barrier-of-entry for competitors and complainers.
  • Push down competitor’s search rankings.
  • Drown out blog and forum complaints.
  • Increase cost of business for also-ran competitors.
  • Target web video geographically -- and eventually on a campus specific basis.
  • You own the content and it resides 100% on sites you own

Performance Component

Performance debited against monthly balance at $XXX per valid phone and $XX per valid online lead, whichever is greater. The goal is a program built on sustainable performance metrics that exceeds service minimums.

Web Tactics Included with Web Video Launch.

Other digital agencies bill for this by the hour, but we include it as part of the service package:

  1. Social Advertising: Hand submit to 150 social bookmarking and social media sites (digg, reddit, ect.) to create external links to Client Site and to promote web videos in search engines.
  2. Blogging: People read blogs to educate and help make decisions. Search engines also notice blogs and their internal links. We’ll embed additional external links from videos posted wihtin blogs referenced to Client Website. We also embed playable versions of the web videos directly into the blogs. Also, we create specific blogs for a selection of major keywords to further boost rankings.
  3. Tagging: LSM will use user-generated, text-based, inter-linked descriptors that explain the nature of social media content within blogs, videos, and images. Also used in press releases, and forums.
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